Friday, August 20, 2010

San Diego Restaurant Week

San Diego Restaurant Week comes twice a year. They have three-course meals for $20, $30 or $40.It is September 19-24 and no it is not too early to make reservations! Go HERE for more details.

I won't be going this time so eat something good for me. :) A couple of my favorites Ruth Chris (pictured) and Donovan's are participating.

If you can't make it during Restaurant Week, you can check out Donovan's some other time. Donovan's Prix Fixe $40


  1. Nice! I have always wanted to try this deal, and just never have, but since Ruth's Chris is participating, I may have to, because I have always wanted to try them, but could never bring myself to spend the money. ;)

  2. Ruth Chris is good...especially at this price! Have fun! :)