Monday, May 3, 2010

Local Deal: Free Bike Helmet

I was watching tv this evening and saw the San Diego Chargers talking about helmet safety and a giveaway.

Children 12 and under will be fitted with a new free bike helmet.

Location: Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego

Date: May 8th from Noon-3pm

*UPDATE: I just found some info about this giveaway at the malls website. It says it will be limited to the first 150 kids (get there early as it may not go until 3:00). They will receive tasty fruit for kids provided by Henry's Market. It is located in the Center Court.


  1. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Did it say where in the mall they were doing the give-away? I can't find any other information on it!

  2. I hadn't been able to find anything either. I just found something on the mall website. It says it is in the Center Court. It also says that it is limited to the first 150 get there early.
    Scroll down and look click on "Free Kids Bike Helmet Giveaway" for more details.